Barb Kearsley

Wanted a replacement for our raincover for the moose fire pit which we love. Called Diana in South River Ontario and might I say, the customer service was exceptional. I left a message and was shocked when they returned my call within a few minutes. It is a great Canadian Company and their products are excellent quality. Had the fire pit for a few years and works extremely well. Looks good with the patina and have had a lot of compliments on it. Great for outdoor meetings during covid. Diana couldn’t have been nicer and arranged to send us a replacement cover. I RATE BEAR CHAIR COMPANY A FIVE STAR FOR SURE

D. Kneblewski

Hubby and I have had our Bear Chairs for over 20 years! So proud that these are made in Canada! The BC201C is a beautiful cedar kit that we assembled our selves. And to top it off, the customer service at The Bear Chair is amazing!

Graham Robinson

We love our Muskoka chairs and dining table and chairs.

Jacob W

I bought two Muskoka Chair Kits (to be exact, the BC101P) and I absolutely love them. The instructions were straight forward to follow when assembling, and when I got confused I referred to the handy YouTube videos to get clarity. They are some of the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in. I recommend to all my friends and family to get outdoor furniture from The Bear Chair.

James Harrison

Bought the chair at Costco, very good price , all pieces were made perfect ,wood quality was excellent , I don't think I could have built one by myself with my own lumber for the price . Great paper directions ,but I viewed the video just to make life easier . Great advise to glue the chair together .I made the countersinks a little deeper so I could drip in coloured epoxy to fill in the holes , then trim off the excess when dry . I decided to build the whole chair dry , then marked all the pieces with masking tape , disassembled the chair and glued it together .Great product, thanks , Jim

Jeff Treadway

First most. Dianna was very nice and accommodating. I was calling from the west coast and She made me feel like I was visiting with my friendly neighbor. We bought and finished our two beautiful chairs for our new parent kids. We were amazed how comfortable they are. Precision made with quality. I tried to find a child chair kit to match with no luck untill Dianna came to my rescue and searched the sold out wharehouse . Yeah!! She found the last one tucked away and shipped it off the same day. Home Town Pride. An absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks Dianna of the Bear Chair Co. 5* jeffer

Matthew Yakabuski

So happy to get a pair of bc180p . My wife and I purchased a pair . Somewhere between 20 and 24 years ago for the cottage . Stained and then a coat of marine var spar clear . The old ones have sat on the deck all year every year since . The packaging is so easy to transport . Just throw them in the car . Sat in one of the old ones and read a book . While my daughter and her boyfriend built and stained the new ones . Looks like the old ones need a couple of screws . To be as tight and rigid as the new ones . And some fresh stain . But there still going strong . Its such a joy in this day and age to purchase something . With such timeless quality and affordability .I’ll be getting more know that I re found who made them